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I have access to update the website after a long absence. No fancy excuses, I've just been away from it.

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June 16th annual Cowichan Valley Land Rover Rally. It was a success! I hosted it for 15 years and this year passed the reigns to Collin and Oliver Balme. They did a great job I hear. I was away for work so wasn't there.

This site

is almost exclusively Series Land Rover related. That might change now with my recent purchase of a coil sprung 90. At the same time, I purchased a partly restored 1951 80 inch and will spend the next couple of years re-assembling her. Pet name: Project C. I didn't intend to have this site exclusively "Series" related and it wouldn't be if anyone were to submit possible content to me that relates to any of the other Land Rover products. I DO try to keep it relating to Vancouver Island Land Rover enthusiast interest.

Updated wiring diagram

for your Series Land Rover available at this link.

Do you have an old Series Land Rover Series I, II, IIA, III or very early 90 or 110 built from 1948 - 1985?

Link to computerizing your old Land Rover.

20 Ian & Tristan '53 S1Land Rover Rally 08 Attendee 15Founders Day 2011 002Muddiest Land Rover at the event, so far!

These are pre-computer age and don't have the computer diagnostics of newer Land Rovers. If you click on this link and with a very small bit of time you can get some computer diagnostics of your old Series Land Rover without even being near it.

Installation Maual for the Torrel Disk Brake kit for Series Land Rovers. See the "LR Technical info" section.

Disk Brake 01My Disk brakes on a 1970 IIA.

Installation and User's Maual for the Fairey Overdrive. See the "LR Technical info" section.

In the LR technical info section is a link to a distributor rebuild article and a long (2.35 mb) pdf file in the form of a Service Bulletin from Zenith for the IV series of carb.

In the "Events" section is a long version of a trip to the 2009 Solihull Society National Rally in Leadville, Colorado. Trip made by Greg and Jared Sutfin in a 1970 Land Rover 109 station wagon.

SSNR 09 Pass 1 Mosquito 01The sign says 13,185 feet.

Photos uploaded to Flickr and can be seen in the 2009 "Collection" in the Solihull Society National Rally 09 "Set"

A Land Rover Corporate environmental initiative.

Call it advertising if you want, but give it a look. I't's worth your 5 minutes to watch it and learn a bit of Land Rovers commitment to the environment and know they are doing other things to be brought out in the future to improve the product line, environmentally. Youtube video

Flickr Photo Album

The photo gallery regularly gets additions and changes. Feel free to send me photos you want loaded. (In order to avoid clogging my inbox, please keep the files under 200k each, and send no more than five pictures at a time.) Thanks!

There are two forums, one under the "Yahoo Group" tab will link you to the VanIsle Land Rover Network Group at Yahoo. If you are already a Yahoo member, just add us to your "groups". To post in this group, you must join through your Yahoo membership. This is necessary to limit the spam and trash that almost closed this forum for us in the past. Diligence by an administrator is working well at keeping spam away. Thank you Ross. The other forum is accessed through the "Forum" tab, which links to the Rover-Landers of BC, Vancouver Island regional discussion subforum. Again, to post, you need to join the Rover-Lander forum site. By clicking on the "RoverLanders of BC Forum Index" link just above the thick blue line on the top of that page, you'll be taken to the RoverLanders main discussion Index.

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