12th Annual Event. Vancouver Island Land Rover Rally 2014


June 7th 2014.


Meet at Greg's Property, four miles north of Duncan, BC.
48 49' 13.44" N 123 41' 9.23" W

If you're on Vancouver Island, head for Duncan. On Highway 1 about three kilometres north of Duncan, there's a traffic light at Highway 18 (48. 48' 60" N 123. 43' 04.95" W). Turn EAST, the east side of this intersection is Herd Road. Go 2.3 kilometres along Herd Road and turn south (right) onto Mays Road. We live on the corner of Mays and Herd 48 49' 13.44" N 123 41' 9.23" W. The house is a hundred metres or so along Mays on the left. Grey wood siding with a blue steel roof. There is a red barn with a galvanized steel roof right beside the road and house. The address is 6905 Mays Road South. The meeting area is in the field behind the house, take the narrow driveway beside the barn and park in the field.

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Cost and Attendance

There is no charge, but let us know you're coming if you can. Contact

Camping is available on-site Friday and Saturday night, but you are in an open field with no picnic tables or other amenities provided. Running water (sulphur smelling but drinkable) will be provided by garden hose. A Fire-Water tub and bucket will be on-site as will garbage cans. There is a campfire ring with benches and chairs for socializing. We will have an extension cord available for charging or what-have-you. An outhouse will be available for campers.


Times for various events are as follows: Wait a minute, there are no "various events". There is only one event, and that's an all day off-road drive. We start with a drivers meeting at 0900 and will be gone till late afternoon so bring a lunch, drinks and snacks. The plan is to be back in time for supper at 6 PM. An evening bonfire and socializing is expected. This year there is no plan for anything on Sunday. There was no plan for anything on Sunday last year either but we still managed an off road trip to get the main-landers to the ferry. It turned out to be a good day of off-roading. This year, who knows?

Advertising for this event is by word of mouth- yours. Please share this rally information with other Land Rover owners.

Rules for our Land Rover based weekend.

1.) Meals are provided by yourself for yourself. Last year we had a pot-luck dinner after the drive, but it wasn't planned, just happened as part of the socializing.

2.) The off-road drive WILL include many branches overhanging the road and stiffly brushing the side of you vehicle. LOL. These leave what is commonly refered to as "west coast pin striping" or more accurately, scratches. There are very rough sections of road and it is almost entirely on rock, gravel and mud. There are above ground culverts, off camber sections, steep hills, narrow trails, loose dirt and gravel, stumps and other hazards, damage to your vehicle is up to you, your driving skill, pre-scouting by you and instructions you follow from helpful co-drivers. It is recommended that you remove any roof racks before commencing the Saturday drive. Have good tires and no low hanging trim or valances that might get hung-up. Long over-hang or low hanging trailer hitches will likely cause a problem. There is no predicting if you might suffer vehicle or other damage. You make the decision what to tackle and with input from others, how to tackle it.

2.)Your dogs can come, BUT, are they likely to chase our horses in the next field, or be a problem with our dog that will be locked in the back yard or be a concern for other guests and children? If so, please consider carefully, and of course, pick up after them.(If you need, there is a boarding kennel right next door and another just a little way up our road.)

3.) Camping is on a working field, it will be a bit uneven with a few divots from the horses hooves. There is no manure on this field as we pick it up and there have been no horses on it since October 2012. When you leave, don't leave ANYTHING on the ground that horses might eat or step-on. No string, wire, nails, tent pegs, elastics, broken glass... You get the idea! If you have a problem, like a broken tent peg stuck in the ground, let us know so we can make it safe. Previously I have been amazed, and very pleased, with the condition of the field when everyone had left. There was nothing left out of place. Thank you everyone!

"Tread Lightly" and "Wheel Wisely".
Greg S